National Public Service Pension Transfer Agreement

The Seaway International Bridge Corporation, Ltd. (8) Subject to subdivision (7) on the death of a contributor who, just before January 1, 1954, was not a contributor under Part I of the Pension Act or who, on that date, was a contributor under that Act but who was not employed in the public service without interruption after that date, in the public service at the time of the contributor`s death and who, after the contributor`s credit, had less than two years of pension, the survivor and the contributor`s children are jointly entitled to a death benefit equal to a reduction in contribution in all cases where the contributor died under a survivor or a child under eighteen years of age. 7. If a contributor who has chosen a period of service under that Part or the Pension Act and who has undertaken to pay in instalments for that period of service ceases to work in the public service before all measurements are paid, the unpaid payments may be reserved in accordance with the rules, on any amount that Her Majesty is required to pay to her under the law of Canada, including any pensions or other benefits payable to her under that Part until all measurements are paid or the contributor dies, whichever occurs first. 13.01 (1) Despite all other provisions of this Act, other than subsections 40 (7) and 40.2 (6), but subject to the provisions, a contributor who has ceased employment in the public service and who is not entitled to an immediate pension and who has two years or more of pension after the contributor`s credit, is entitled, instead of any other benefit under that Act, to which the contributor would otherwise be entitled for that period of service, to a deferral value to be paid to the contributor in accordance with paragraph 2. is presumed to have received, during that period, a salary equal to the initial salary which may be paid to him in the event of subsequent employment in the public service; 4 1.