Scholarship Agreement Trinidad

NOTE: Students are expected to complete their studies at their home institution at the end of the scholarship period. Confirm your interest in the scholarship by filling out the scholarship interest form on the website: In order to qualify for this scholarship, you must keep in mind that the articulation credit comes from specific agreements between the State of Trinidad and your high school or Trinidad State and a four-year college. These agreements allow you to attend a class in your high school and transfer this credit to TSJC if you decide to take classes as a TSJC student. For more information on your high school`s credit options, consult your TSJC advisor. The funds will be paid to fellows in accordance with the internal processes of the Canadian institution and in accordance with the contribution agreement between the DFATD and the Canadian institution. Canadian institutions will generally pay funds in installments to fellows. The Canadian institution retains evidence of scholarship payments to (s) recipients and other necessary documents, as indicated in the contribution agreement between the DFATD and the Canadian institution. Cape Scholarships 2020 Trinidad are scholarships that GoRTT has provided to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Cape Trinidad and Tobago scholarships are sometimes fully funded scholarships. However, the purpose of these scholarships is to help students pursue their academic careers by paying for tuition, housing and other expenses. The Canadian institution receives funding from the DFATD for all successful applicants in the form of a contribution agreement and is responsible for making the funds available to fellows. The scholarship generally covers the cost of:Tuition and mandatory AllowanceBookSpecial Equipment AllowancePersonal Maintenance Allowance (P.M.A.) Return Economy Airfare (if applicable) Disability Allowance (if applicable) Warm Clothing Allowance (if applicable) Other types of scholarships may cover “only teaching,” while others apply to “partial teaching.” The deadline for scholarships at the Cape of Trinidad and Tobago is July 19, 2020 The report found that approximately $26 million is due to the state by scholarship holders who have not returned to the country to perform compulsory public service work. Please ask any questions regarding eligibility requirements: or 613-237-4820. Please note:Each scholarship has specific requirements. You should carefully check all the information in the ad to determine your eligibility for the award. The following conditions must be met during the trading period. It is interesting to note that there are several categories of CAPE scholarships offered by goRTT via itsTD. Scholarships include: Open Scholarship is another category of Cape Scholarships. Unlike the Presidential Medal, which offers both bachelor`s and post-bachelor`s support, the open scholarship only supports the bachelor`s degree. Note: Students must return to their home institution at the end of the scholarship period to complete their studies.