Service Level Agreement For Property Management

This agreement contains provisions relating to the mandatory requirements imposed on home managers to be members of a system for protecting clients` money. This declaration must be attached when the manager holds the clients` money. Fees and payments are covered in Annex 3. There may be a monthly fee, ad hoc payments, or a combination of both. Penalty payments may be imposed if the management company does not meet the expected service standards. Based on a detailed level of performance that we develop based on the investor`s investment philosophy, we help identify and use appropriate service providers for property management. The main missions of the Property Manager are the collection of rents, the management of tenants and service providers, maintenance and repairs within the framework defined by the owner or his asset manager. Performance MAnagement is the key to our service philosophy: tenants are increasingly looking for help with specific issues when they change management agents and many others are looking for a way to improve their current services. The graph above shows the increasing proportion of our new customers who come to us and seek help with a given service (e.g. B improved building maintenance or improved financial management). Property management is the #1 factor that determines the performance of a property. For more information, see the “Property Performance” section on this site. Facility Management is one of our consulting centers.

We have introduced Service Level Agreement-based contracts for ease management in the German market. We use this detailed market knowledge as leverage in negotiations with service providers. Thanks to the intelligent pooling of services, we have achieved significant savings by improving customer satisfaction for both the owner and the tenant. Since financial institutions must carry out a risk assessment before any loan, the interest rate is positively influenced if the investor can demonstrate that he has his own risk management. We create and concretize with the owner a risk matrix and actively manage it during the operating phase. There is also the aspect of measuring the performance of each property in a portfolio and the entire portfolio at the beginning with the business plan. This is reflected in our performance-oriented report. While many block managers charge a flat fee, you should be prepared to pay if necessary for better services – for example, a visit to a block and a thorough inspection can take several hours per visit. If a monthly inspection helps improve your building, you should be willing to pay for improved service. You won`t be able to cover every type of service that your management agent runs, but you should make sure that these focus on the main issues that affect your building.

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