Stadium Hire Agreement

5.4 Regular tenants can pay the total annual rental fee for all bookings during the year: 5.6 Basic tenants must re-schedule each year for new and continuous use with us. Regular tenants must submit their booking requests from the date we announce each year for the next fiscal year. Written applications received before this date are not accepted. (a) damage to a portion of the establishment during the rental period or a violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement. 3.14 During the rental period, you may not allow any illegal activity inside or outside the property. 20.4 We reserve the right, after the end of the rental period, to remove all appliances or furniture left in the venue of the event and, if not, to claim. 19.1 A place hired for indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, football, volleyball and netball should not be built specifically for this activity and does not necessarily have to comply with the current guidelines regarding the dimensions of the space and the place around the spaces. (a) the suspension, for that period, of a right to credit granted to you under this Agreement and subject to the conditions we are entitled to establish. 9.1 You can terminate the contract or booking by providing us with the written cancellation statement or by cancelling the online booking (if applicable). 3.1 All tenants must be legal entities. Auckland Council reserves the right to seek proof from the corporation. A legal person is a registered group or individual who is able to: 9.5 Each refund is made according to the method and on the account from which the corresponding rental fee was paid. 7.5 You are responsible for the payment of all amounts incurred under this Agreement, regardless of whether or not you provided services at your request or to any other person, company or organization, and regardless of whether you have incurred all or part of that debt as an agent for another person.

, a company or organization. 14.2 We are not responsible for the loss or damage to tenant property in or around the facility. All devices that are brought to the facility are at your own risk. If you are in the event business, you will probably go to different places to organize your different events. Or if you own a place that you rent for the organizers, you are probably looking to attract guests to your room. 9.8 We have the right to cancel or terminate all or part of this contract, in addition to our other rights and remedies, in the following circumstances: b) If the booking request is made by other means (personal, by mail, etc.) the rental fee until the end of the rental period: 10.4 You must remove all waste and place and all equipment in the car parks and premises adjacent to the end rental period. in a good order, clean and orderly. Additional charges are charged if waste is not removed from the site. 1.4 Please keep a copy of these rental conditions for your reference to ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities of rent.

2.1 In these general terms, “you” or “you” refers to the named tenant in the booking application form. “We,” “we” or “our” means Auckland Council. 5.3 Your booking will not be confirmed until you have received a written notification regarding our consent to the booking request and we have provided you with a booking plan.