Subcontract Under Cooperative Agreement

3. The recipient immediately informs the contract agent in writing of the subcontracting at each stage, including a patent law clause, identifying the subcontractor, the applicable patent law clause, the work to be done in the context of subcontracting, as well as the dates of award and the estimated conclusion. At the request of the contracting delegate, the recipient submits a copy of this subcontracting and does not submit a contracting rating more often than once a year. (6) The total value of current active subsidies, cooperation contracts and purchase contracts includes beneficiaries. An organization that, as part of a cooperation agreement, receives financial support to carry out a project or programme. A beneficiary may be a single company, including individual contractors, a company, a company or a consortium of business units. Safety is the freedom of any condition that may cause death, injury, occupational illness, deterioration or loss of equipment or property or damage to the environment. Safety is essential to NASA and is an integral part of this treaty. NASA`s safety priority is to protect the public; Astronauts and pilots; NASA personnel (including contractors working on NASA contracts); high-quality equipment and capital assets.

A significant breach of security by the beneficiary gives the government the right of appeal (pending corrective action by the beneficiary) that involves the suspension or termination of the co-op contract, which requires the removal or modification of the recipient`s staff of implementation in accordance with the agreement. A serious security breach must be directly related to the work of the agreement. A serious safety breach is an act or omission of the recipient consisting of an accident, incident or exposure resulting in a death or failure of the mission; Cause damage to devices or objects worth $1 million or more; either in the case of “intentional” or “recurring” injuries committed by the Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or by a public authority acting under a plan approved by OSHA. (3) Renunciation of rights. (i) Section 305 (f) of the Act provides for the enactment of regulations allowing the administrator to waive U.S. rights with respect to inventions or classes of inventions that have been or may be made under the conditions set out in paragraph 1 or 2 of Section 305 (a) of the Act. NASA announced the Waiver Regulations patent, 14 CFR Part 1245, sub part 1, adopted the presidential memorandum on government patent policy of February 18, 1983 as a guide for the implementation of petitions (requests) for such a waiver of rights. (3) Works outside the United States.

If the recipient were to obtain subcontracts for work outside the United States, from his or her possession or Puerto Rico, from NASA-Installation Patent Counsel or Intellectual Property Counsel, the appropriate patent right clause to use and procedures should be contacted.