Suntrust Safe Deposit Box Agreement

Create a POA agreement that covers the field. I don`t think it`s too difficult and you should be able to find the forms online. Just make sure its LIMITED on the box and its ability to get it. You don`t need to assign POA for your mother to have control of your assets, etc. Also make a temporary agreement to cover a few days in advance and after, but then it will disappear. If you sign a power of attorney, there may be a delay while the bank checks it. If there was a local SunTrust near you, I would make an appointment with the manager there and sign the POA in front of them; it can help speed up processing time. If there is a will, an estate case has probably been opened (or must be opened). The estate court may issue the letter to the estate administrator.

If it`s your mother, she can take care of it directly. If another person, such as a lawyer, has been appointed a director, that person must be dealing with Suntrust. It is impossible to know if Schrodinger`s chicken is alive or dead until you open the box. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do not personally address a moderator or reply to this message in comment. Please read our subreddit rules. If you later thought it was a mistake, or if you processed your article to follow the rules, send a message to the moderators. But using a POA seems to be the easiest way. Please don`t get mad at the bank, they`re doing the right thing.

Generally Not useful, simplistic, anecdotal, or off-topic Here is a site where you can generate one for any state in which you need to adopt it. And for the record, it`s the fault. The game of poultry would indicate a kind of poultry game. ๐Ÿ™‚ NAL, but I experienced a similar situation a short time ago when my mother died. You mistakenly think that this safe is part of your fathers` estate, which is not the case. As your name is (obviously) on the box, it now belongs to them alone. The bank treats it as it would treat any other box. You do not allow a third party to access it, which you would be grateful for under normal circumstances. Your comment has been deleted because it is usually not useful, simplified up useless, anecdotal or off-topic. Either it does not answer the question of law above, it is a repetition of an answer already presented, or it is so unbalanced that it does not help. Please check the following rules before commenting further: If you are in no hurry to enter, then just pay the tax (normally nominal) to wait for the box until you return to town.